Dick Party Pin!
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Dick Party Pin!

We’ll, twist my dick and call me Edna!

I have just been cockstuck by 3 revelations. Until this very moment, I never knew that:
A. That cockroaches are not a STD
B. Dicktionary is spelled without a K.
C And Shipadick.com has created the brazenly attractive  “Dick Party Pin.”

To the untrained eye, the pin resembles a small, white, metal penis with the word party engraved on the shaft. To the trained, fun-hater assassin, however, this dick pin is a fucking badge of honor.  This pin is a pledge that  prohibits all levels of lame party excuses.! No more will you cowardly utter, “I have a headache” or “I’ve gotta wake up early” when we all know you’re gonna go home and binge watch “Law and Order.”

So refuse to drop dead like your married friends and put on a pair of balls. Then High-kick. High-kick again. Party like a privileged pre-teen in the back of his parent’s BMW.

And although you may be tempted to rip off your soiled Hoody and offer your body to the Gods of debauchery and sin, don’t. Please, we beg you, don’t party these metal balls off.

These enamel pins measure about 1.5 inches in length and have 2 posts with butterfly clutches.

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