Fantasy Footballs
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Fantasy Footballs

For those of you who think this is a foot fetish dick,

I applaud your eccentricity, but sadly, we haven’t created a cardboard foot to cradle our swollen balls. This dick was born out of a bizarre cultural phenomenon, in which grown men and women select an amalgam of several football players in hopes that they outplay the groups of other players who are imaginarily managed by their friends. Seriously?

Okay, fuck it. We like to sound all uppity and refined, but despite its ridickulousness, we play fantasy football too. And because we love nothing more than crafting a dirty limerick designed to psych out our opponent on Sunday mornings, we offer this 29 inch vessel as a means to kickstart your wholesome conversations.Whose man will out-sportsball the other man?  Let the tomfoolery commence!

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