Private: The Leprecock
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  • Private: The Leprecock
  • Private: The Leprecock
  • Private: The Leprecock

The Leprecock

Fun Saint Patrick’s Day fact: Ironically, St Patrick wasn’t Irish, but of Scottish descent. He might even have been born in Wales.

Truth be told, we don’t give a shit about St. Patrick. What we give a shit about is the sneaky little Leprechaun that we caught last week so we could model his dick for this new Ship a Dick holiday product. It turns out that this is exactly what a Leprechaun’s dick looks like! With the hat and everything!  So, rest assured that you are ordering a certifiable authentic recreation of a Leprechaun dick to send to your loved ones.

Measures 29″ long with the hat and 17″ wide.

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