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  • Prickachu!


The Prickichu

Well, Heavens to Testes! I just figured my Pokemon fetish would go by the wayside just like everything else I did on the 90’s. Looks like I need to bust out the tape deck, dust off those hammer pants, and jack off into some double socks, for the golden years are back, and I’m ready to party like it’s 1999. Yes, my fellow Pokemaniacs, we’ve fashioned a dick to honor one of my favorite fake people: Behold the Prickachu!

Equipped with a lightning bolt tale and zig-zagging ears, this wholesome cock resembles the Trix rabbit on a permanent acid trip. Designed especially for Pokemon Go users, this real, tangible, giant Prickachu is an ideal stunt cock for all you geeks out there.

This timid little Prickachu stands 7 inches tall and he comes in a box. Give it a loving home today!