The Classic Valendick Custom Message
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  • The Classic Valendick Custom Message
  • The Classic Valendick Custom Message

The Valendick Custom Message

It’s crept upon us at last, our favorite anniversary when lovers from across the world awkwardly fumble through shopping malls and Walmarts, driven by the desperate hope that they won’t have to fend off their sad and ugly world alone.   We, here at Shipadick, have known love in all its forms (missionary, doggy-style, triple-sow cow, reverse cowgirl, and Rasputin’s wheelbarrow), so lean on us for guidance as you seek to expresseth the wanton ways of thy cowardly heart.
1.  Roses are dead
Don’t send flowers. They are pretty, and then they die.  That kind of allegory will discourage even the sluttiest of Valentines. 
2.  Dinner please
Do you really want to be one of those obnoxious peasant couples who dines out of their league for one silly day of the year?  Don’t become what you hate just for a chance at some toothy, drunken fellatio.
3.  Don’t play the chocolottery
You’ve spent the last year passive-aggressively suggesting your partner shed that extra weight, and you want to beg forgiveness with the very object of your indiscretion. Hypocrite!
4.  Send a Cardboard Dick
Allow us to introduce the Shipadick  Valendick.  Don’t settle for generic Hallmark-sponsored tomfoolery.  Your valentine is original, so pull your dick out of your heart and say I love you with a cardboard cock today.