The Penis Map
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  • The Penis Map

The Penis Map

May this map help you find your way.

For all you adolescent Jack and Jills still struggling with the inner workings of the Phallus Scrotumicus, use this treasure map to enhance your understanding of the very thing that dicktates every fucking thing you do. Drawn by our friend, Archie the cartographer, this Art Dicko representation of the male organ is the perfect centerpiece for one of your yuppie, free-range, potluck, wine-pairing, I-hate-my-life-so-let’s-buy-some -expensive-shit dinners.

8” x 8” Letterpress printed on fancy pearl-white paper with deep impression.

These prints fit in an Ikea frame, but you’ll need your own matting (We suggest getting a mat cut from your local framer)