Giant Dicks

29″ Dick – Custom Message


A 29″ personalized member

that will bring a smile to any recipient’s face.  Use the Custom message to express your love or remind your friends of that embarrassing drunken moment from the night before.  Or go rouge and fill the blank with jibberdick.  The message is engraved with precision by a fricken laser! That’s right, this is a goddamn laser dick! Or at least a laser engraved dick.

The message will be written in the one and only Comic Sans.

Message is 35 Characters MAX.

Here are a few ideas for messages to get the balls rolling:
Happy Birthday!
I think we should start seeing other people.
Get well soon!!
You’re a dick!
You know why you’re getting this…
I wanna tongue punch your fart box.
It’s a Boy!!
It’s a Girl!!
I’m a grower, not a shower…
Your mom ruled in the sack last night!
Mine bends where yours ends.
I love you.
This is for being the loudest person in the Apt. complex.
Suck my left nut!
If your dick was this big, you’d have a smaller truck.
If you weren’t such a dick, I’d love you.
I <3 your mother!
I wish you weren’t such a dick.
You’re the most liked person in the office!
Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Since I can’t be inside you on your birthday, I thought I’d send you this.
Balls Deep!
Balls to the wall!

Every order is sent anonymously!
Your secret is safe with us.

Weight9 oz
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