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Dingaling Key Ring


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For those folks who aren’t quite ready to tattoo the Shipadick logo on their foreskin, we’ve engineered the world’s most glorious key ring. Featuring supermegaultra-weatherproof anodized aluminum & your best friend’s name engraved on the shaft, this Dingaling Key Ring was built to accommodate and encourage spontaneous herky jerky. Whether you’re looking for a gag (pun intended) gift or if you’re one of those fucks from the commercials who actually buys a Lexus during the holidays, salvage a bit of self-respect with a metal key chain from Shipadick.

All key chains include a laser engraved name down the shaft. Enter it below!
(35 Characters Max in Comic Sans Font)
ShipADick.com is engraved on the back side.

They are made from solid laser cut aluminum and anodized black. They should last a lifetime attached to your prized dingaling.

Every order is sent anonymously!
Your secret is safe with us.

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