All Dicks


Just as Mr. Dick yearns to flee his man cave (his parent’s basement) and cast off his cockwebs, these DickBats are about to rampage through the utopian tubes of October twilight just in time for All Hallow’s Eve. Not your average cock goblins, these wingéd chariots are experts in dickolcation; they can sense a throbbing hunk of vampire meat from miles away. So confess, you sick voyeurist; unleash your hidden Ozzy and join the holiday suckathon. Give your neighbors the willies, but whatever you do, don’t scare yourself dickless. Dickorate your Monster Bash with an entire colony of cardboard DickBats. May we suggest a bottle of Blue Razzberry Mad Dog 20/20 to complement that smorgasbord of dick! #sorobust

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