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The Football Dick

Ah, football. The American pastime. The lights. The cheerleaders. The locker room circle jerks just before homecumming. I remember it all—trading kisses and STDs under the bleachers with girls from out of town. The gang showers after every practice. The star quarterback & that alligator between his legs. Ah fantasy football, to sob and slob on Bobby’s knob…

Hold up. I’m being told that Fantasy Football is a totally different thing. It apparently has little to do with nostalgic pornscapes of our high school years. I knew that. Totally. I was just kidding. Can’t you guys take a joke? Yes, the boner was part of the joke. It’s called method acting, you idiot.

UPDATE: Due to extenuating circumstances, Mr. Dick was unable to finish this product description.

This is a football dick. Send it to your friends who like football.

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