Novelty Dicks

The Dick Koozie!!



While your pathetic friends fumble with lame koozies

from someone’s shitty wedding or high school reunion, drink proudly with a Dick Koozie from the alcoholdicks here at Shipadick. Available in black and guaranteed to make you ten times cooler than anyone else at the 4th of July Cockout, this Floozie of a Koozie loves a good fisting. You, my lucky friend, can fondle these foam goddesses for half the price of a Chinese buttplug.

1 for $2.99. 2 for $5, or 3 for $7.

One side is the Ship A Dick logo and the other side is, drum-roll please, the the Ship A Dick logo!

Why add another thing to your arsenal of ridickulous summer accessories? Just Bekoozie.

Every order is sent anonymously!
Your secret is safe with us.

Weight2 oz

1 Koozie, 2 Koozies, 3 Koozies

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