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Ah yes, St. Patdick’s day has cum upon us with all the subtlety of a tramp stamp. Once again, an orgy of inbred, red-headed non-believers will stumble, fight and fuck their way to redemption, only to wake up still drunk on the walk of shame alone. O raunchy-mouthed, sweatpants wearing, didIdrivemycarlastnight temptress, don’t despair! Shipadick has created a wholesome cardboard dick to aptly commemorate this obnoxious holiday. Topped with a cute hat, this 29″ dick is the perfect companion for a crippling hangover, an Irish speed-dating marathon, or a marathon date on speed, this festive phallus will most definitely deliver the luck of the Irish.
It turns out that this is exactly what a Leprechaun’s dick looks like! With the hat and everything!  So, rest assured that you are ordering a certifiable, authentic recreation of a Leprechaun dick to send to your loved ones.

Measures 29″ tall with the hat and 17″ wide.

Every order is sent anonymously!
Your secret is safe with us.

Weight10 oz
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