Dicks Out For Harambe
Dicks Out For Harambe
Dicks Out For Harambe

Dicks Out For Harambe

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Ever since our sexy silverback was dispatched in cold blood, we’ve been trying to make our way in this cold, dark world...one might say merely stumbling...

But friends, we finally found a way to be happy. A way that helps bring joy to all around us. We discovered that we could get our dicks out for Haramabe and now the world is in full color! Joy and laughter are back in the streets, and we've become whole!

My dear dick lover, join us for the 7th anniversary of a legend being taken too soon and whip your dicks out. 
(tits out for Harmabe is also encouraged. Basically, just get anything you're packing out for our fallen hero!)

May 28, 2016. Never forget.
One love!

Those primates stand erect at 29 inches and can deep-throat more bananas than your Mom at a Peter Frampton concert.

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