Rainbow Pecker Party Candles!
Rainbow Pecker Party Candles!
Rainbow Pecker Party Candles!

Rainbow Pecker Party Candles!

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Some go to great lengths to keep a burning sensation away from their penis, but here at Ship A Dick HQ, we lean into it! 
No, not from having an unprotected swingers party with your best friend's grandparents, and 3rd cousin twice removed, but from lighting up these cute rainbow dick candles!
(Not denying the swingers party is a bad idea...but how can I say no to the quality buffet they include)

Celebrate PRIDE and light up your night with this 5-Pack of candles.
They measure in at 2.5" so they won't make anyone feel inadequate (and if they do, just light them up, as they'll only get shorter...)
Candle colors include Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Violet.

Have we mentioned they're Jasmine scented?!?!
Well, they are.
Have we also mentioned that 8.4 out of 10 doctors agree that having a jasmine scented candle will make your room smell like jasmine??
Well, it will.

So, give the rainbow gift that will keep on giving!
At least until the wax melts...

Just whatever you do, don't burn your dick*

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Every order is sent anonymously!
Your secret is safe with us.


*should not be taken as medical advice. We're dick shippers and not rocket surgeons.

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Best candles ever

They burn like your dick after having sex with a dirty girl

Hi John. You might want to see a doctor. Or maybe stop sleeping with 'dirty girls' from dockside bars...or both.