The Dick Trophy
The Dick Trophy
The Dick Trophy

The Dick Trophy

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Who needs a Dick Trophy? Who NEEEEDS a DICK Trophy?

I think we all know who needs a Dick Trophy... Every last goddamn one of us, that's who! After all, we are in the golden age in which EVERYONE gets a trophy just for existing, and we've all certainly participated in being a dick in some way or another (and you know it).
But...maybe we should narrow it down a teeny bit:
The fantasy football winner?
Your boss?
Your Grandma?
Your local representative?
The most annoying kid on your dorm room floor?

Well, Mr. Dick and the elves at the Dick Factory are going to put the throbbing power in your hands, my dicklings. Customize your Dick Trophy with the words of your choice.  We've also included a free Note Card to help explain the reasons they're receiving it.

The Dick Trophy stands ~10" tall overall. The base is 4" wide x 4" deep x 4" tall with a customizable gold plate on the front. The Golden Dick Topper stands 5" proud. This is one outstanding penis award, my cumrads.

The customizable gold plate has a limit of 50 Characters per line and has 3 lines of engraving. That's 150 characters to let your loved one know why they're the #1 Dick.

Every order is sent anonymously!
Your secret is safe with us.


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